Good design serves a broad range of human activity. Here are some of our additional pursuits:

Object Lust

Object Lust? That's the feeling that comes over you when encounter a product that YOU'VE JUST GOT TO HAVE. Email enquiries about:

The Porcupine

A limited-edition soap holder designed, hand-fabricated, numbered and signed by Peter Ferguson. Simple, creative use of an everyday outdoor material for an unexpected purpose.

The Beaver Tooth
A limited-edition series of pigmented-plaster wall-hung castings of the Upper Beaver Valley, showing the Beaver River, the Black Forest, roads and local settlements.

Permanent Press

Permanent Press is directed by Peter Ferguson and his wife Mary. It specializes in strong graphic design focusing on books as tools for addressing social issues. We can address any graphic design or publishing assignment you may have. Past books include:

The HANDY Manual

This handbook sets out a series of hands-on exercises in skills transferable between men and women, and home and work, Designed to be fun, physical and creative, the exercises show how the tools used in the home are precisely like those found in the world of paid work. Especially useful for those teaching in the areas of skill transferability, gender bias, home/work connections, design/technology skills, employment equity and career planning.

A Checklist of Strategies

Produced for Canada's WITT (Women Into Trades and Technology) National Network, this guide is a tool for assessing workplace personnel issues. Seven issues are examined, from recruitment and selection, through orientation, retention and career development, to training and health/safety. The clear, easy-to-use format results in a checklist for action in all areas. Useful for management, labour and social groups concerned about good working environments.

Dogwood Institute

Peter and Mary Ferguson operate The Dogwood Institute as a virtual consultancy specializing in projects for the social good. It has assisted Healthy Communities Collingwood in setting development priorities for that region, through a series of "bridge nights," using issues cards rather than the standard deck. A fun way of opening people up to working together for mutual benefit.

Social Action Strategy

Recognizing that good physical design happens only when the social context is healthy, Peter Ferguson has established SAS to help social groups and governments deal with intractable social problems. Mayoral malfeasance, school board incapacity, municipal council lawbreaking – these are problems we’ve taken on for others. Perhaps we can help you, too.

Getting It Write

Peter Ferguson is an artful and thoughtful writer. The QMI Agency has published his newspaper column “Uncommon Sense,” and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is publishing his monthly “Rights Talk” series. Here are a few examples of his work; perhaps he can establish a strong written presence for you as well.

Heart Attack

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Intense Tranquility